We already know the importance of protecting our environment and we always show support and admiration for all proposals to promote sustainable business through our LIVES sessions of #HandmadeTalks.

We are committed to the environment and to a more sustainable world without neglecting our essence. That is why we bring you here our selection of sustainable products made in Colombia!

But first, we will tell you about the characteristics an accessory should have for this season.

Characteristics of an accessory for summer 2021

The accessory must be comfortable

An accessory or outfit must be comfortable. Let us begin from that base. 

We are at a time in the fashion industry where comfort is an already incorporated feature that should be a fundamental part of each garment.

We no longer settle for just looking good, but it must also feel good.

In summer we show a lot of skin and we are more exposed to the sun and heat, that is why we must choose clothes that allow air to pass freely and that are light.

Opt for eye-catching accessories 

Summer is characterized by its joy and I recommend you reflect that feeling or state of mind, in the colors and patterns you select for this season.

If you feel like bright colors are too much for you and don't match your personality, go for accessories that give that flash of color.

Personally, I really like being monochrome. I think that the base or standard colors are timeless, and if I accessorize myself well, I can achieve multiple looks. 

I advise you to wear colorful necklaces, Caribbean prints, and garments in a light material.

It should reflect your personality

As I mentioned above, your outfit should reflect your personality. 

It must go in sync with what you have inside. It doesn't matter if you're wearing an all-black outfit with a flash of color, or if you're wearing a print outfit from head to toe. 

In the end, all that matters is that you feel comfortable and above all beautiful!

It must go according to the trends of summer 2021

At Ekiitaya we are a fan of timeless pieces because ultimately they are connected with ethically produced fashion. However, there are excellent sustainable proposals today that drive trends. 

We are in an era where ethical and sustainable fashion is taking on much more relevance. 

Thanks to this, there are many more brands concerned about the environment that launch their collections always thinking about all aspects of the supply chain, to generate the least impact on the environment. 

These brands do not make collections at random, which guarantees that summer prints, for example, enjoy that freshness that will last for years and years.

If it is friendly with the environment, it is better!

It is no coincidence that he left sustainability last. 

This does not mean that it represents that it is the last characteristic. By putting this caption last, I want to emphasize the importance of shopping for clothes that are mindful of your choices. 

Aware of the impact that you will generate on the environment and in your pocket.

As I mentioned before, thanks to the fact that we are in an era that is restless for the environment, brands and their consumers have been concerned with generating more conscious collections. On our part, as consumers, we better inform ourselves of our choices.

Do not doubt that the first step to buying a “new” garment is visiting a used clothing store or using a clothing exchange app. Keep in mind that by giving life back to a product that went through the cycle for a person previously, you are making a positive contribution to the environment. Do not doubt it! 

Ecological accessories for summer 2021

Ruda Atelier Masks or Face Covers  

Masks are an “accessory” still mandatory in many countries. 

This is why we must make them an ideal complement to our outfit. 

Photo by Ruda Atelier 

Ruda Atelier Masks not only have biosafety measures but also have beautiful and super summery prints. These are the perfect companions for this season because they highlight all the summer aspects with great subtlety but with a great personality. The best of all is that they are made sustainably!

Entretejiendo Voces Towel 

Entretejiendo Voces is a brand that undoubtedly knows how to take advantage of all the benefits that mother earth offers. 

Photo by Entretejido Voces

With a history of more than 5 years, this brand works hand in hand with the indigenous and artisans of Mexico with whom they make beautiful handmade pieces. Their towels are perfect for the beach and even for picnics. 

The towels are made with 50% recycled and 50% virgin cotton. 

Their manufacture exalts the work done in a slow fashion way. They take their time to look for resistant and environmentally friendly materials. 

In addition, they are made on a pedal loom by artisans from Hueyapan, Puebla, where artisan work represents a large part of its economy.

Narcissus Earrings

Narciso is one of those brands that carry a deeper meaning behind it. Not only is it inspired by a Greek story, but the woman behind the brand also tells her own through each fabric. A story with a long history of struggle and self-improvement. 

Photo by Narciso

Each piece of Narciso is made with great care and love. The Japanese Miyuki technique is used to make each earring, bracelet, and choker necklace. 

Designs vary between different shapes and styles and can take 3 hours or more to make.

Each style reflects its own personality and whoever wears these garments exalts their beauty and naturalness at the same time.

Malla Ikat from Religare Store

The mesh from Religare Store is the perfect complement to your bathing suit and your summer outfit.

This handmade garment is the pure inspiration of nature and its natural flow. 

This mesh uses ancestral techniques of the Colombian indigenous people and has even been recognized by important international fashion magazines. 

Photo by Religare Store

Religare in a single sentence means: Rejoin, and this applies to each of its collections. His garments are a reflection of the products of nature used ethically to achieve sustainable and artisan fashion.

Ekiitaya Wayúu Bags 

Ekiitaya bags are the most beautiful accessory for summer 2021. These handmade bags are 100% made by the Wayúu indigenous people of Colombia. They carry freshness with a great load of cultural heritage.

For this summer, the fringes have prominence


Photo by Ekiitaya


The freedom of the season is perfectly synchronized with the flow of the tassels.

Let the tassels hang near the bag and watch the streets become almost a dance floor. 

All Ekiitaya bags have bold and fringes designs. These can be used at any time of the day, as they provide that touch of relaxation and elegance.