What are the fashionable and environmentally friendly items that are in fashion this 2020? Find the Top 3 items you should not miss this year!

Either you want a to have a positive impact in the world by reducing waste and using lasting items, or you want to join the environmental trend this year; handmade clothes and accessories are increasing its importance every year.

The impact fast fashion is producing on the planet is no longer unknown.

Big brands recognize this emergency but are taking actions that won’t impact negatively their revenue. Unfortunately we can’t rely on their efforts and it is indeed a call that we should take in our hands.

This is why it is important that we include handmade products that will at least bring some long lasting use to what we wear, rather than having a piece of cloth on our wardrobe that won’t last longer than a season or two. So without further due, here are 5 top handmade items you shouldn’t miss in 2020:

1. Custom Beauty
2. Handmade accessories
3. Conscious consumption items

1. Custom Beauty

Custom Beauty products are hot in 2020. Even though there has been an increase in new beauty brands in the beauty care market, searches for custom beauty are up 13%, according to CraftProfessional.com.

To be very honest with you, I can’t wait for my last beauty products to finish to switch to natural ones.

Over the months I’ve been making small changes to my beauty routine and to my consumption habits, and I take deep pride in having been conscious about it and taking full responsibility in every purchase decision I make.

Some of the Custom Beauty products are: custom bundles, shadow pallet creation, solid cologne, and handmade soaps.

For the latter, the “pulled from nature” trend is taking over and developing some subcategories which are worth noticing:

- Vegan
- Jelly cleanser
- Serums and oils with powerful combinations different from what we’ve seen in the market

2. Handmade accessories

There are different products that fall in this category, and this one gets us more excited.

We have dedicated a full blog on crochet accessories here, and in this blog we will be focusing on 3 important ones:

Hair Accessories

Pearl hair clip – is one of the more popular searches when it comes to hair pins.

According to madeurban.com, Scarf headbands and wider 90’s style headbands seem to be popular on major brands’ websites. Scarf headbands are a wider headband that look like a wider scarf is wrapped around the head and may have a knot or bow at the top.


- Crossbody & backpack style purses seemed to be popular styles carried by high-end purse brands.
Mini bags also seem to be popular with major purse brands, which are exactly as they sound; smaller versions of backpacks or purses.
- Fanny pack has been a popular search term the past couple of years. It seems to be declining a bit but there’s a pattern of interest spiking over summer months. Higher-end brands call them “belt bags”
- Boho inspired bags which can be any embroidered or material style are very popular. Some styles to highlight are: Mochila Wayúu, Vintage Thai Cotton bag, Morrocan Boho Pouch bag, among others
- Sunflower purse – this seems to be referring to the print of the material used for the bag so you can get creative with the style of bag.

3. Conscious consumption items

In this blog, we’ve touched many environmental friendly items, but what happens beyond a product? What about packaging? What about the manufacturing company? Here we’ll talk the things we need to take into account in order to choose wisely whenever we are purchasing a handmade product according to theecologycenter.org:

- Use your hard-earned money to support companies that make sustainable choices. Choose vendors that adopt the slower, more complicated, or more expensive path in order to create a quality, ethical product. By being thoughtful shoppers, we have the power to demand sustainable alternatives in the marketplace.

- Always examine the packaging of a product, notice material listings, and manufacturer location. Certain third-party certifications have corresponding labels to help you understand the conditions the goods were produced under. A few examples are Fair Trade Certification, Certified Organic, BPA-free, Energy Star and Rainforest Alliance.

- Look for materials that are biodegradable, recyclable, or made from recycled products. Choose items that are safer and healthier for your homes, and consider the effects of disposal products.

- Support local artisans, craftspeople, and farmers. By stimulating the local economy, you ensure that your money is being reinvested in small business owners that cultivate relationships and build a strong community.


Over to you:
What are the items that you will begin to purchase to help have a more sustainable world?
Do you want to check other handmade items?
At EKIITAYA we invite you to adopt this and many other ways of generating a positive impact, not only on the environment but also on the economy of your community.

Stay Gold!