Here is the following article on Ways to use Crochet in your life. You will learn here about the accessories made in crochet that are essential for your wardrobe.

In our last blog we talked about the Ways to use Crochet especially in garments to use. In this blog we will continue with other items that are important and that are not present in our wardrobe.


Crochet accessories are an important part of any outfit. Accessories further emphasize your personal style, taste and preference. The crocheted items along with the outfit create a set that expresses your style and who you are.

Wayúu bag

This is a flagship crochet accessory, and we make them here at Ekiitaya.
Wayúu bags are beautiful pieces of art handmade by artisans from the northern part of Colombia. They come in different designs inspired by elements of nature and the ancient life of this indigenous tribe.
These handmade bags are used especially in summer, however there are other pieces that are used with the same technique as the clutches.


Key holders

This tiny little helpers can be found in different shapes and sizes. They can feature your favorite animal or even your favorite food. Here are some cute examples.



Crochet hats are essential for fall and winter. They are warm enough to keep your head cover from the inclement weather, and they look just lovely in anyone’s head.
Some of my favorites are the: crochet beanie hat, however you can find vintage hats, messy bun, and even headbands.


Crochet Wall Hanging

Crochet wall hanging is very boho-style. You can find it different variations of it: in beige or nude, with multiple colors, high relief, with different crochet techniques, etc.
I personally believe that I would use them in the bedrooms. It gives a personal touch, and show a little of your personality.

Our favorite picks are as they mix and merge several crochet techniques as well as bright colors.


Boho Pillow

Following the style of the former, you can perfectly use that type of crochet for your pillow cases for a beautiful decoration in your sofa.


¡El crochet será más fuerte este 2020, así que te animo a desempolvar tu bufanda de crochet olvidada y lucirla!

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