Here you will learn all the applications the famous crochet has, and how can you apply them in your live.

It was 13 years ago when I last used a crocheted attired. Coming from a hot part of the country, allows you to use these pieces that quite frankly, are not bad at all.
Even though crocheted is a piece that is usually not trendy, there are many benefits in using it: it’s handmade, a piece can probably be unique if it is custom-made, they might be cheaper than other clothing options, you could find yourself employing your time and a nice hobbies if you decide to make one of your own, and you won’t fall in the fast fashion wave. What more can you ask for?
In this blog I will show you the different crocheted pieces that you can use in your wardrobe!

Crochet Pieces For Your Wardrobe

Crochet Blouse

The crochet blouse comes in handy for any season. 
A spring-type-of crochet blouse can cover your top, while making your skin visible. Meaning, it will keep the spaces between each knot making it look laidback, but also elegant piece that can be wore on a Sunday brunch with your friends.

Hint, the puffed sleeves and Peplum-style tops are total IN and trendy for 2020, according to the Insider Fashion Magazine.

One of my favorites is the crochet boho tank top. I love this fun, funky, frink-y type of top tank as it makes me immediately think about freedom. You can wear this layered with long necklace, over dresses, with short pants; there are lots of possibilities.
If you prefer a long and better coverage, “crochet and retro florals dresses are also pieces that will be popular specially early in the year”, Brown told Insider. And we can perfectly see an example of it on model Heidi Klum.

For a more comfy and warmer option for autumn/winter season a crochet sweater like this one brings up the color pallet of the fall. It is indeed comfy and casual.
I would add a beige silk scarf on top to higher-up its casual level. Would you do the same?

Last but not least, this crochet sweater in bone color is just beautiful and it’s on of my favorites from the Pinterest board I made for this blog. I would use it every time I have the chance as it is simply cozy and in point with the holiday season. 

What is your favorite piece?
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