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Wayúu mochilas or Wayúu bags are handmade pieces by the Wayúu indigenous tribe located mostly in La Guajira, Colombia.

These bags are made by women who learn this art from their teens and who work and live on this art forever. 
Many of them make a living by weaving these and other pieces typical of this tribe. Some of these pieces are Wayúu mochilas - being the most representative -, Chinchorros, mini mochilas, clutches, among others.

Mochilas are the maximum expression of the Wayúu culture since they are easy to recognize due to their colors and designs. The mochilas are crocheted (a technique introduced by Catholic missionaries in the early 20th century), and each piece can take approximately 20 days to make.

Where to find mochilas Wayúu?

The main source of purchase is in the city of Riohacha, the capital of La Guajira. But these are produced all over the Wayúu territory, therefore they can be found in different locations. 

There are several places in this city where you can buy the mochilas and even interact with the natives. Many of those who market these ancient bags are located on Avenida Primera, where you can see many rugs filled 2 meters apart from each other, and which are full of handmade mochilas with different motifs, colors, designs and sizes.

There are other places such as the Mercado Nuevo, where there are small stores but with a wide assortment not only selling traditional mochilas but also selling other types of hybrid handmade bags with techniques other than weaving, incorporating materials such as fique, rattan, wicker, among others.

Who should you buy a Wayúu mochila from?

Many of the merchants located in Riohacha exhibit their products on Instagram and Facebook, however, they have the limitation of only being able to sell in the Colombian territory. 

There are web pages where mochilas are also marketed both for Colombia and abroad. These websites offer everything from traditional mochilas to very high quality and uncommon handmade bags.

Here are some pro and con reasons for mochila marketers on websites:


1) Easy access to the latest designs.
2) You can buy a mochila anytime, and from anywhere in the world.


1) You won’t know for sure the quality until you have it in your hands.
2) You don't know for sure the purchase history of the mochila you are buying. Is it a fair trade mochila? Was it legally bought? 
3) You may have to choose from dozens of designs which can be overwhelming

Why should you buy it from Ekiitaya?

Quality Control 

We pride ourselves on bringing our #ekittayalovers mochilas made by expert hands and made with love. We take into account the materials used, the artisan that produces the mochila, and the final product. Quality of mochilas Wayúu have different ways to be determined: and also firmly making mochilas easy to hold when placed on a flat surface. The latter is a characteristic of excellent quality bags, which can be tested by making a mochila stand, and that this can keep its shape without bending.

Besides, the quality of the mochila is recognized with the tissue. How close is one line of threads from the other?
On the other hand, it is essential to see that the tissue or the fabric does not have specks or protruding threads (except for its tassels), in this way we can see at a glance that the backpack is well woven.

Fair Trade 

We work with indigenous communities whose livelihood is largely the weaving of Wayúu mochilas. It is not only a moral duty to work ethically, but we are also pleased to financially recognize the ancestral work of this community.

Collections 2 times a year

We do not want to negatively impact the environment.
In the words of the creator of Ekiitaya, Ana Karina Lázaro: “At Ekiitaya we do not seek proliferation or over-manufacturing of Wayúu mochilas. We know that although Wayúu mochilas are products that last a long time and are made 100% by hand – which both reasons are not considered as pollution impact -, we do not want to create unnecessary mass production that negatively impacts our environment ”She adds that“ we create Ekiitaya mochilas to be durable and used for life. "

Now you know exactly how to choose a mochila Wayúu. 
Are you ready to choose yours? Here you can find our latest designs!

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