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Our definition of Boho Style is just the way I define my business EKIITAYA: Chic + Comfy + Conscious.

We know that Bohemian culture originated in the 18th century, during the time of the French Revolution. Due to the social and economic crisis, people were forced to live in poverty, which made them use old clothes or recycled ones.
After the economic climate improved, that difficult phase allowed artists to express their creativity through these pieces without any creative border whatsoever.
Here we will show you why you should adopt a Boho style and why it will benefit you:

You are your own artist

You can add your personality – you can be yourself
It is all about knowing what is best for your shape and what you truly like.
There are different styles within Boho: chic, glam, avant-garde-style, Rugged, Hippie; among others. The possibilities of combining pieces are endless. Just make sure you don’t overload your outfit.
Tryout everything while you discover your style if you are new to Boho. If you are not, then you can experiment with other styles that can complement your wardrobe. The idea is not to limit yourself when it’s about Boho because it is a style that has no boundaries and welcomes both the standard and the eccentric.    

There is no right or wrong

As we mentioned, Boho is about the free spirit, the simple and the eccentric. It has as main value the exploration of creativity with no judgments, and because of that, there is no right or wrong with Boho. 
You can use different layers in your attire, or you can use only one. It doesn’t matter as long as you feel comfortable with what you are wearing.
Play with the layers, and set your fashion frontiers. You won’t regret it!

Boho style natural look

Look Natural

Natural is always a great choice as it provides the perception of calm and relaxation, and Boho it’s about that.
Think about the elements you can find in nature. Now think about how you can adapt them.
Flowers are essential in Boho. Either you wear them on your head like an areola, or printed on clothes.
What about rattan? It is used in hats, bags, and even sandals.
Feathers are also an option used on hats or long necklaces. Just make sure no animal is hurt when buying any of these items.
All those elements can play in your favor and give you that natural look you are looking for.
As long as you feel you are more connected with nature, just go for it!

What do you think of these three reasons?
We hope that if you are looking for inspiration this article has helped you!
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Stay Gold!