Wayúu bags are handbags made by the indigenous Wayúu, one of the most representative indigenous communities in Colombia.
The Wayúu bags are accessories that have been used by this community for centuries which have become relevant in the last decade thanks to a number of characteristics that make them very attractive, not only for the local market but also for the international one.
In this blog we will mention why Wayúu bags are no longer just part of a community, but part of the collection of prominent designers in the world of fashion.

Why are Wayúu backpacks considered fashion accessories?

1. Unique pieces

There are many characteristics that make the Wayúu backpack a unique piece:
I.I The Wayúu weavers weave according to their acquired techniques, which are taught by their mother and which are passed from generation to generation.
I.II Not only is it a technique that in most cases can be unique to each clan, but the weaver can also print her own style.
I.III On occasions and despite the fact that there are some standard patterns to follow, we can find larger bags, with a more taut fabric, with some longer or wider designs, among others. This basically guarantees the bag never be the same so we can safely say our bag is unique.


2. 100% handmade

One of the peculiarities that designer garments have and that are faithfully reflected in Wayúu bags is the fact that they are handmade items. In many occasions they are even made for a single user or carrier.
Wayúu bags are characterized by the fact that their entire process is made by hand, from the bag's body, through the gauze or handler, to the pompoms. It is a process in which several artisans interviene. Each artisan specializes in a part of the mochila, making its manufacture fast and consistent.

The handmade pieces are also worthy of admiration because they require a lot of concentration, commitment, but above all love, and that is precisely the component present on the Wayúu bags. In our particular case, the Ekiitaya bags have designs  that are very difficult for a machine to imitate, which makes us very proud.

Mujer Wayúu Tejiendo Gaza EKIITAYAPhoto: EKIITAYA

3. Singular patterns

As mentioned above, Wayúu bags have the particularity of being unique, either thanks to the hand that weaves, by the technique that is used, or by its patterns.
In most cases, Wayúu bags have designs or patterns very close to the Wayúu worldview, which is based on their daily lives, on nature and even on their dreams.
Linear, rectangular and triangular patterns are the most characteristic of these traditional bags. At Ekiitaya we are not unaware of the inspiration that the indigenous people have when creating a bag, here we transform those realities at the same time that we exalt other riches of La Guajira.

Mochila Almirante EKIITAYA colgando de un cactusPhoto: EKIITAYA

4. It highlights a culture

Wayúu bags are derived from an ancient culture that was formed long before what we know as "civilization". The indigenous Wayúu are the artisans behind the Wayúu bags. They not only produce bags but also other crafts that are useful for their daily life as well as being useful for their cultural events.
The bags themselves are made with characteristic patterns of their customs and their worldview, and have gone from being an item used by this community, to being used by everyone.
Mochilas Wayúu are now a pieces that is produced or taken as a based to produce beautiful pieces that have walked the runway of New York, Paris, and London. The Wayúu bags have come to stay.

Mochila Palmita en calles de RiohachaPhoto: EKIITAYA

5. They can be used on any occasion

Wayúu bags are versatile when used. Although they are bags that stand out for their use in spring and summer, they are not discarded for use in times of low temperatures.
Variations of these woven bags can also be used at night, as are the mini cocktail-style bags

Mini mochila Carbón EKIITAYAPhoto: EKIITAYA

Wayúu bags from Ekiitaya are undoubtedly a great complement to your wardrobe. Find yours here!

Stay Gold!