It is true that when one is visiting a foreign country on many occasions, it is not known if one is buying an original product from the country, or if, on the contrary, one is buying from a large factory. These days, it is more likely to be the latter.
It is becoming very difficult to discern between the two when you do not have the tools to know with certainty what is handmade and what is not.

How to recognize a handmade product?
Below you will find 4 characteristics that will help you know how to recognize a handmade product. Follow them and you will be making purchases with a positive impact!

1. No "Made in China"

It sounds obvious, but you need to see the ticket and not actually say "Made in China."
There are many products such as reminders, decorations, among others; that are not produced by the locals but by large factories that are outside the territory you visit.
It is imperative to know that by buying this type of product, you may be helping a small local owner but you could impact more lives if you buy authentic crafts made by authentic artisans from the region.
Apart from the above, buying from large factories implies not knowing the production process, so we would not be sure that good practices were being used in production.

2. "Handmade" label

There are some brands whose mainstay is to make it clear that the product is made by hand. Some brands bring labels with the information of the place or the artist who made the product or simply have written "Handmade". Another resource is to discover the story behind it on the store or brand page in order to verify that it is really a handcrafted craft.
In any case, you can recognize when a product is handmade thanks to its finishes, the material used and the unique attributes of the product.


3. Look for imperfections

If we are sure of something in the work made by hand, it is in its imperfections.
Handmade products are characterized by small man-made imperfections, which among other things make the product unique and unrepeatable.
Imperfections are acts that show the cunning of a craftsman.

4. Check official handicraft pages

If you still have doubts, go to the official handicrafts site of the country of origin, for example Artesanías de Colombia.
In official sites like the previous one, you can consult and see a large number of artisans who show their products and which are a guaranteed job. The only negative point is the ease of purchasing the products. While here you must contact the official page, be transferred to an agent and then see the offers of the products, in sites like Ekiitaya, the Wayúu bag is just one click away.

Mochila Palmita en calles de RiohachaPhoto: EKIITAYA

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