Here you can find a list of 5 beautiful handmade articles to give this holiday season while contributing to local businesses.

Are you making your Christmas list and still don't know what to give?
Normally, we are undecided about our Christmas shopping however, it is a task that should not be difficult.
In this article, we will talk about 5 Colombian brands recommended by our CEO Ana Karina Lázaro, who make their products by hand (as we like;)) and who also employ vulnerable populations in their community.

Option 1: Ekiitaya Handmade Bag

Of course, we couldn't stay out of the list.
Our backpacks not only have eye-catching designs but also have a social responsibility value behind them. Our greatest added value is the inspiration in our origins in the legacy of our indigenous people and in the pride of wearing their garments.
Ekiitaya has bags in 3 different sizes: Traditional (or large)medium, and mini. There is one depending on your activity, but the most important thing is that you will never look bad using one.

Photo: Ekiitaya

Option 2: Mjashoes

It is a brand that is inspired by the Colombian Caribbean coast, for a relaxed woman who wants to look good. As they define themselves: They are a brand that works hand in hand with our artisans and the creative talent of our designer and influencer María José Arroyo, where we merge summer and avant-garde with precision, detail, and ancestral leatherwork techniques. "
Mjashoes designs are loaded with modernity without forgetting freshness and a style of their own. You can't stop thinking about the magic of the Caribbean once you wear them.

Photo: Mja

Option3: Organic Beauty from Oiris

Oiris takes us back to the natural and the basics, mixing natural components with those that are necessary today for the preservation of products and good hygiene.
In short, it is a brand that I love because it allows you to change to the natural easily. In a world where we are constantly using chemical products, Oiris emerges as a healthy alternative both for its consumers and for the environment.
Its products include deodorant sticks, special soaps for dry skin, and even complete hygiene kits.

Photo: Oiris

Option 4: Palma Dorada Hat

Unique hats with a Cali touch. What better gift than a hat that always reminds us of summer?
Palma Dorada has beautifully designed hats with that mystical and eclectic touch at the same time.
These hats are undoubtedly only for those who have a well-defined and strong personality because their designs are loaded with unusual pieces made only for the riskiest.

Photo: Palma Dorada

Option 5: Maaji Swimsuit

One of the most memorable brands in beachwear is Maaji and I can say that I am a fan of how daring and versatile her designs and compositions are. This "Paisa" brand transports me not only to scenarios in Colombia but also around the world. This brand not only have swimsuits, but also other clothing items that complement a free life state.

Photo: Maaji

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