In a previous article we talked about the benefits of using Boho style as part of our normal outfit.
Here we will finish our benefits with others that confirm why Boho is a style that will never die!

It is not attached to any fashion trends

Boho, more than a trend, it’s a style. A style that was born more than 200 years ago, which has been evolving through all the different fashion disruptions in 2 centuries.
Because it has stayed in and it has been cataloged as a style, it is not attached to fashion trends, and most importantly – for boho lovers, it will never go out of fashion. As opposed to other styles, Boho can nurture itself from all the different ones. It can take elements such as the trends that we’ll see in this 2020:

Puffy shoulders.

According to Cosmopolitan, puffy shoulders are dominating the Spring/Summer runaway shows this year. Designers such as Carolina Herrera, Brock Collection, and Simone Rocha; are using this trend as part of their collection. 
For woman petite size (1,60cm / 5”10ft), this trend is not something that would probably be in her closet, however it all depends on the accessories and the way you wear it.

For example a puff sleeve blouse that highlights your waist will be ideal to dissuade the eyes and let them focus on the smallest parts of your body. Another alternative can be a puffy sleeve short dress, again with some accentuation on your waist or under the bust area.
A dress is also ideal to highlight this trend, which is lovely on a Sunday afternoon.

Bra-Top Craze is on fire

It seems that crop tops are no longer cutting it. The Bra-Top material can indeed be made with the popular Crochet. We made an entire blog about the accessories you can use not only for you but for your home. Bra-Top is not our favorite on the list as I very conservative, but we'd loved to recommend to try it one day in summer. 

Crochet, which is an item that has always been associated with Boho; it’s a tendency in 2020. According to Harper Bazzar: “Crochet is getting a cool update come spring. Think ultra-feminine dresses, polished suiting, and eveningwear that feels modern with a special touch of Grandma’s handmade crochet.”
We love this type of trend because it embrace the slow and handmade fashion, which drives sustainability.

'60s Wallpaper

What more Boho than this? As you know, Bohemian culture really took off in the ‘60s and 70’s, bringing bell-bottom jeans, fringing, floral prints, and peasant blouses; this year it doesn’t came short. Groundbreaking florals, retro prints and psychedelic wallpaper print; ruled the runways—bringing both major color and pattern to all the top collections featuring Prada, Christopher Kane, Alberta Ferretti and Marc Jacobs; according to Harper Bazzar.

Le Polka Dots.

These never go off fashion. Polka Dots are mostly use in maxi dresses, short dresses and puffy blouses. Polka Dots are elegant yet fresh, and we should all have a piece in our closet, however a con is that you can’t accessorize it with other printed layers as you can make the mistake of overload your outfit.

Neutral Tones – you can’t go wrong with it

Boho is mostly associated with terra, whites, blacks, beiges, dark greens, and brownish colors in its attire. You can play with those base colors adding texture, with prints, crochet or other type of fabrics.  

Boho outfit neutral tones


Bohemian allows you to create your own style. It allows you to reflect your personality through your clothes. Thanks to that, there are no specific rules for Boho; which at the end of the day make us feel free and comfortable with what we are choosing to use.
Following what we mentioned above, you can experiment with Boho style as much as you want until you get your own vibe. As Ralph Lauren said once: “Fashion is not necessary about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you”.

What do you think of these three reasons?
We hope that if you are looking for inspiration this article has helped you.

Stay Gold!