If you have wondered more than once how to use a Wayúu backpack, this is the blog for you. Discover here the tips to know if a Wayúu bag is right for you!

For many years, I have always asked myself the same question. How can I style a Wayúu bag? What should I wear it with? Can I take it or use it anywhere?

Those questions were keeping me away from buying a mochila because I simply had no idea what was the best scenario where I could use it.

I believe that when you buy a mochila, it’s not simply because it’s a pretty handmade bag, but because you resonate with the vibes it transmits.

A Wayúu bag can be modern, but at the same time, it has a history of thousands of years from an indigenous group that is still existing. That is what makes it so special.


In this blog we give you all the tips to choose the right bag for you. We will answer all the questions you have been asking yourself and more!


Yes, a Wayúu bag is right for you

How do I know that? Well, let me ask you some questions:

  1. 1. Do you like handmade pieces? If yes, continue to the next question. If not stop reading this blog right now!
  2. 2. Do you like handmade pieces that do good to the environment?
  3. 3. Do you like handmade pieces that are eco-friendly and have an extraordinary great social impact?
  4. 4. Do you like colors that resonate with nature and modern designs?

I can continue on and on, but you get the idea that if your answer was yes to everything, then for sure a Wayúu bag is right for you! 😉


Now that you know you can use a mochila or Wayúu bag, here are some tips that can help you to better style it.


Tips to better style your mochila


Use it with flat or unicolor

Wayúu Mochilas have symbols full of color and cosmological meaning. One of the main characteristics of this handmade bag is that it is made from Wayúu people. 


This community lives very close to the Caribbean sea, and one thing we all know for sure is that it is difficult to imagine a tropical life without colors.

In the past mochilas used to have earthy colors thanks to the natural dyeing processes made by the Wayúu. However now, due to the fabrication of resistant and bright colors, Wayúu people were able to explore a wider variety of new designs. These new colors and designs give more joy to the people who are wearing them.

But well, how to choose the color of the bag?

Choosing a vibrant, earthy, or pastel color should be chosen according to your style.


Photo by: Ekiitaya

You do not need to think that when using a Wayúu bag, it should always be in bright colors. Or that that's a rule that can't be broken.

I think if you want the bag to stand out and let your outfit work for your bag, then you will make this item stand out more!



Use it especially in Spring and Summer

You know that bright colors are the rule when we are in summer.


Wayúu bags are the perfect allies to accompany you on warm spring and summer days.


Thanks to their bright colors and eye-catching aesthetics, Wayúu bags are the ideal complement for that yellow dress that you keep in your closet or that hat you still don't dare to wear.


When you think of spring, you think of flowers, a pastel color palette, and people enjoying the good weather. 

You think about going out and exploring the city or just traveling to that heavenly beach. 


Photo by: Ekiitaya

We can't think about another way to complement your Spring outfit than with a mochila Diamante Rosado

This traditional mochila features pallet colors but also brings some bright points with Almirante blue.


Summer is undoubtedly the season where the Wayúu bags shine with all their splendor.

Take the risk of carrying these handmade bags with colors that you would rarely use, as well as irreverent and unconventional designs.

If there is something that characterizes summer, it is that this season brings out the joy that is in each one of us 😃



Use it in the daylight

I’ve been talking about colors, and the biggest reason is that they can represent warmth, cold, sadness, happiness, etc. there is no doubt that the use of colors will depend on the occasion. I believe that the best time to use a mochila is the daylight to take advantage of its bright colors. Also being a bag that is characterized by its principle of beach/relaxed/laidback vibe, is best if you use it in those scenarios. 


Use it for tropical weather – or not

Something I mentioned above is that a mochila is best to use in Spring or Summer. That comes hand in hand with tropical weather places such as Coron in the Philippines, Bora Bora Islands, Miami Beach, or of course La Guajira in Colombia. 

Photo by: Ekiitaya


But you can indeed wear a Wayúu bag in cold weather. 

A mochila Wayúu is a piece that brings automatically joy, and yes, we need joy every season or place where we are. 

Use a mochila with a light coat and you will see how it will transform your outfit from basic to amazing! (pic of me with and without mochila)


Use it because you care about its social and environmental impact

At Ekiitaya we are proud to not only provide fair wages with the Wayúu community but also because we work with them through a foundation that gives more back.

We offer a percentage of our production to the Fundación Mareywa where more than 20 families benefit from the making of mochilas Wayúu. This percentage goes straight to the education of the children of the Wayúu women, the hands behind each mochila.


Photo by: Ekiitaya

When you use a mochila, you are also contributing to the environment. You are using a product that is 100% handmade and that lasts a long time.

Handmade + lasts long = is the perfect combination to fight fast fashion.



When not to use a mochila Wayúu 

Now that you know how to use your mochila, here are my recommendations about when NOT to use them.


For an elegant event at night

Although you can use a mochila when you want, it is best not to when you attend an event at night.

Other Wayúu handmade items are specially made for night venues such as clutches or mochilas with short handlers. 

Some of them are even embellished with inlaid small shiny stones, achieving a full transformation into the perfect accessory to wear at night.

If you are not the type of person who uses bling, I can recommend the mini mochila Wayúu which is a bag between casual and elegant. 

I believe that is the perfect cocktail bag.

Photo by: Ekiitaya


For work (unless is Casual Friday 🤩)

If something is very characteristic of mochilas Wayúu is that they are rich in colourful patterns, so if you don’t want to call people’s attention, better not to wear a mochila for very serious places.

You can indeed wear it for casual Friday as you know is the best day to exteriorise your style!


Probably at this point you might be asking yourself: "Okay, but if I want my bag to match my clothes and not the other way around?" How to combine the bag with the clothes?

We wrote a whole article about it here. Discover how to dress with a Wayúu bag depending on the time of day.


Do you agree with our list?

Let us know where else you’ve loved to use your mochila in the comment section below


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