Spring 2021 is around the corner and I am sure you can’t wait to go out and enjoy the nicest weather of the year.

Spring is a season that can be challenging for many people since you encounter differences in the weather conditions throughout the day. 

It can be cold in the morning, hot at lunchtime, and then cold again at night. But that doesn't mean you can't make the best of the season!

The 2021 spring summer trend is loaded with accessories and an interesting color palette. According to Elle magazine in Spain, pastel pink is one of the colors that will be worn this spring 2021. This color is undoubtedly the perfect replacement for the brown and cream colors used last season.

Here are some basic recommendations that you can consider to wear in spring, considering what is fashionable in 2021:

The Best Basics to Wear on Spring:

If you want to forget about the stress of picking an outfit, just go with the basics. Here is what I recommend:

A pair of blue straight jeans

Jeans will never go out of fashion.

Jeans are easy to combine as you can stylish them with heels or flats, and they will still give you the confidence you need to look professional or casual.

If you consider jeans are just too casual for you, then try comfy cropped pants. Once an office classic and now an off-duty staple too, cropped trousers look relaxed but tailored too.

An easy dress 

A dress is an all-in-one spring outfit. 

You just need to find one that resonates with your personality and comfortability preferences. 

One that has a relaxed but chic silhouette and all you have to do is throw it on in the morning and go.

You can style your dress with a jean or a light jacket.

Photo by: Elle Magazine Spain & Ekiitaya

Light Jacket

A light jacket is a good option for layering your outfit. 

It can also become your biggest rescuer for sudden weather changes. 

A trench coat is also a classic, but right now longline jackets and cropped jackets are trending for 2021 spring too.

A white t-shirt

You can't do something more simple and basic at the same time than a white t-shirt.

A white t-shirt can allow you to project freshness without losing a casual look.

You can wear a white t-shirt in different ways: Crew neck, V-neck, Scoop neck, among others.

What I personally like, is a V-neck. I consider that this t-shirt type gives you that classy and casual touch at the same time.

If you style a white t-shirt with a light jacket, it will bring an extra touch of elegance to your outfit.

Now that you know the basics, it is very useful to know some accessories you can match them with.

Accessories are not only good to combine with your basics, but also it can help you create different combinations that will result in different outfits.

Here are some ideas of accessories you can take inspiration from:

Accessories for the spring

The accessories that you want to consider for this spring are:


According to What Who Wear, 7 Eyewear trends will be huge this year.

Eyewear trends in 2021 focus on the balance of novelty, statement-making frames, and timeless designs. 

Here are my top 3:

Le sport

Inspired by Tennis, this summer eyewear gives you a sporty look while making you look fresh and relaxed.

Use these sportive eyeglasses with a jean jacket to complement the look.

Retro Round

Retro-round eyeglasses are one of my favorites. I believe this type is the one that can adapt to a sportive outfit and an elegant one. 

There is always nostalgia that makes us always look back in the retro fashion and take elements for our current trends.

Retro round glasses are an element that, although they were a boom in their time, are still timeless.


Photo by: Who What Where & Ekiitaya

Tinted Aviator

The Aviator will never go out of fashion.

They are the classic sunglasses that without a doubt can be used by men and women, and they will always look good.

One cannot imagine being in a desert and not wearing this type of glasses.

I particularly see them hand in hand with a boho outfit. Do you agree? 

Eyewears is perhaps the most personal accessory as they are not always a one-size-fits-all piece. You must have a few (or lots of) tries before choosing one or more shapes and styles that suit your face shape.


Here is the thing, I like hats but how to choose the right one?

To be honest, a hat is a piece that I wouldn't use normally. However, I feel the need to explore this world because a hat gives you that mysterious look. That, je ne sais quoi that provides you with more personality.

As I'm sitting here writing this blog, I'm checking the latest VOGUE magazine from Paris. While checking all these pictures of haute-couture models, and found a hat inspired in the flapper fashion from the 20s. I wonder how hats have evolved from tiny items to oversize pieces? What material makes a hat suitable for spring?

One of the suggestions from Vogue for this season is to use bucket shaped hats. From the ethnic-style bucket hats of Etro to the fun printed and straw options at Philosophy, there is the perfect bucket hat for everyone out there. 

If you want to go with something more standard, soft bucket-sun hat hybrids made of fabric and would probably be more suitable for quirky-casual street style looks and for high-fashion gardening.


Ballerina shoes

Although I like most things about fashion, this blog and this brand - Ekiitaya - are about comfort.

Cosmopolitan released a blog with some of the shoe trends for this Spring.

It is a full list from high heels to running shoes, and what I can bring out from it are the ballerina shoes. 

I like ballerinas because they are very comfortable and classy. I think you can easily use it in a cocktail, in a networking event, or on Sundays to see your lovely grandma.

They are easy and convenient to wear.


Sandals are also a great way to style your outfit for Spring. 

Make sure that if those sandals are open toes, your toenails are on point. Otherwise, it will kill the magic.

Greek Sandals

Another trend I spotted on were Greek sandals. 

I love Greek Sandals. I used to have a pair in black, I would never let them go until they finally gave up on me.

According to 40+style, it was a little odd to see this trend coming back since Greek style-sandals can be a little difficult to manage with the laces you need to tide. However, nobody can’t deny that they can combine beauty and style.

Photo by: 40 Plus Style


For this Spring 2021, some bags called my attention.

For sure there were some of them that I probably wouldn't use, but some others that I would definitely give it a go.

On my YES list, I got:

Modern bags

A bucket bag from Etro and the Balloon Bag Anagram Jacquard bag

I loved their shape and connection to that handmade part that we loved to see in ethnic bags, however, their material is not vegan, so it would not be my choice entirely.

I keep the design but not the material.

Handmade bags

My biggest surprise for this year is the handmade bags that came strong this season.

Woven bags with a fashionable twist that are taking the catwalk and the streets in Paris.

Happier’s Bazzar says that what is characteristic about these pieces are the knitted fabrics and strong textures.

Brands like Fendi, Bottega Veneta, and Bembien, are stepping in this trend and showing masterpieces that take the woven bags to a different level.

Photo by: Ekiitaya

At Ekiitaya, we’re all about woven.

Ekiitaya produces handmade bags along with the indigenous community, the Wayúu.

These handmade bag pieces made with love, have all the characteristics you can find to stylish your Spring outfit.

We have beautiful designs, easy to carry and travel with, bright colors, and unique.

On my NO list:

Oversize bags

I am Pettit. By using an oversized bag I could potentially look smaller.

Oversized bags are good when you need to pack many items to run your errands in one single day. But this has its consequences. 

Using an oversized bag can bring bad consequences to your health. Your back is going to appreciate it.

Spring is a season that in my opinion is the most comfortable one, and you should indeed dress accordingly.

Follow my suggestions and remember that the priority is to feel good with what you're wearing!

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