If you were wondering what bag to buy for for this Spring 2021, here is your complete guide!

In our latest blog, we talked about the go-to outfit and accessories for Spring season 2021. And we all agreed on one thing: comfortability is the key.


There’s no doubt we’ve been through rough times last year and we mainly worked in the comfortability of our homes.


Surely this year we want to continue within that comfort line without neglecting how to dress this spring 2021, so here are some aspects that you should consider when choosing the right spring bag for you:


A bag should be comfortable

How did you guess? 😄

Yes, comfort is the king. A bag that can allow you to move freely is a bag which you can call your best friend.

When I choose a bag, I always check if it can be cross-bodied. That is basically my definition of comfortability when it comes to bags. 

A cross-body bag can help you to free your arms and hands, and feel secure that your bag is going nowhere.


Of course, comfortability can be subjective so you might also be ok with a shoulder bag, a belt bag, even a hobo bag. The only thing that matters is that you feel at ease when walking.

Get the best out of a printed bag

Spring is the season where flowers are blossoming. What better way to also carry that energy with you?


Using a printed bag allows you to transmit that positive energy.

A bag like the mini mochila Mariposa goes in sync with this concept. The design of this handmade mochila or bag features a butterfly in brown color over a green background.

 The inspiration behind this design is the fauna and flora of Colombia.

The mochilas Wayúu, are bags that have centuries of tradition and cosmovision from indigenous communities from this country.


The Bucket bag in printed cotton and leather from Etro is another excellent example of a printed bag. It shows beach attributes with the classic blues and whites. It also shows leather details that transport us to a yacht and a rosé glass.


Although leather is the most used for bags, in this space we want to highlight that the best thing is to contribute to the preservation of our environment. This includes not using elements such as animal skin for the development of our products.


A bag should have a defined personality

Above all, a bag should have personality.


We can agree that there are too many of us in this world, we only live once, and we need to make the best out of this life. 

Call me exaggerated, but I think that when you choose a bag it should bear your personal stamp as well as the reflection of who you already are or aspire to be.


Cosmopolitan gathered the top bags for this Spring 2021 and we can notice that designers didn't disappoint.

They show options from top-handle feathered bags for fancy occasions, to fisherman's net bags which promise to be trendy for the whole year.

Designers are innovating this year with retro-inspired bags, and eco-efficient ones.


2021 Women Fashion radiates significant and comprehensive changes that combine not only current aspects and challenges, but also ecological and social ones.


The true thing you always need to remember is to feel good about what you’re wearing. At the end of the day, only you can determine what fits your needs and style.

 What is your ultimate Spring bag?

Tell us in the comments below!